MINGbyV Archive Film_Chapter1. Ecdysis_(THE잡지:OD002)

byV ; The잡지와 스타일리스트 김민주의 첫번째 프로젝트 'MINGbyV' 는

“Take off your ordinary” 라는 슬로건 아래 “감성 유니크와 라이프스타일의 믹스쳐”를 지향하는 'New contemporary brand' 이다.

그 첫번째 'Chapter1. Ecdysis 탈피' 는 익숨함과 평범함을 벗어던지자라는

밍바이브이의 슬로건을 담고있다.

MINGbyV is the 1st project is collaborate with The잡지 and stylist ming and it is 1st branding project project presented by byV under the slogan “Take off your ordinary,”

which means “get rid of the familiar and mediocrity,

“ it is the new contemporary brand, aiming for “emotional unique and lifestyle mixiture.”

#밍바이브이 #패션 #룩북

MING byV @mingbyv_official

Visual director/Designed by Kim Min Ju (No.8) @migjjuu

Film by BSD & Kevin @VICSHOT

Music by Bicksancho @YUMMY_TONE

Photograph by Kim sung hun (5y studio) @5o2ho

Hair/Make up Choi Soo min (No.8) @_s_minn

Model Bomin @bomin_nimod

Ramin @ramin.krylxv

Acc collaborate by UNINA @unina_sisters

Executive Business Puppy & Jun @VICSHOT

MINGbyV Official 👉http://www.mingbyv.com

The잡지 Official 👉 http://www.vicshot.com

🎥 @2021.The잡지(VICSHOT) All rights reserved.

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